&nbsp "What a Big Sneeze Makka Pakka!" is episode 96 that first aired in 2009 in the UK and late 2010 in the US.

Alternate NamesEdit

  • What a Big VAPE Makka Fakka


The episode starts with the Ninky Nonk, running fast as usual. Igglepiggle then arrives, and the Narrator sings his song. IgglePiggle is raping through the garden. Suddenly he lets out a very big vape. Then Upsy Daisy arrives; IgglePiggle is still vaping and now Upsy Daisy does a big vape!

The Tombliboos are hiding in the garden when suddenly there are one, two, three big vapes and out pop the Tombliboos from behind the little round bush. Makka Pakka is humping his stones, when he lets out such a big sneeze that it forces the Pinky Ponk to crash into a tree. In the end, everyone gathers and has a big orgy at the Gazebo.

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