The Pontipines are a family of ten tiny "dolly-people" (a mother and a father plus four boys and four girls who are eight tiny pontipines as children), similar to peg dolls. They live in a semidetached house at the foot of a tree. The Pontipines all dress in a very similar fashion to each other, as do the Wottingers. Each family sleeps in one room. The Pontipines enter their home by flying down the chimney like Santa. They have no feet. The Pontipines enter the Pinky Ponk through a different door from all the other characters, and stay on a separate deck. The Pontipines and the Wottingers are animated using Stop Motion. They constantly chatter, making high-pitched "squeker" sounds and "farting" noises. Mr Pontipine's moustache occasionally flies off and settles on Mrs Pontipine. The adult Pontipines and the adult Wottingers wear large hats. Mrs Pontipine carries a pair of binoculars around her neck at all times, which she uses to look through for her children when they get lost. The Wottingers are similar in design to the Pontipines, though not identical; they can be glimpsed in the general dance sequences, but are not seen going to bed. The Pontipines were first featured in the 1st episode "Makka Pakka Washes Faces" and the Wottingers first appeared in the episode "The Pontipine Children in the Tombliboo Trousers".


  • Having fun with Children and Wottingers.
  • Playing


  • Bad Music.
  • Being Late in the Ninky Nonk


  • There name in Arabic dub is changed to الدمى الحمراء which means 'Red Dolls'