Igglepiggle In-the-Night-Garden-e1337174194936
Igglepiggle with his blanket
Species Teddy Bear
Gender Male
First Introduced: "Makka Pakka Washes Faces"
Likes Having fun with his friends, Playing Ball, Sleeping in Upsy Daisy's bed, Upsy Daisy
Dislikes Losing his blanket
Portrayed by Nick Kellington

Igglepiggle, played by Nick Kellington, is a blue creature, somewhat resembling a teddy bear with average sized legs. He always carries his red blanket with him, and tends to fall flat on his back when he is surprised. He arrives at the beginning and leaves the Garden at the end of each episode in his boat, for which the blanket doubles as a sail.

Igglepiggle does not speak, but he has a bell in his left foot, a squeak in his middle, and a rattle in his left hand. His best friends in the night garden are Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos. The Pontipines are also his friends but he doesn't know where their house is.

Because he needs to find his boat to get home, he is the only character not to sleep in the Night Garden, apart from when he falls asleep in Upsy Daisy's bed and he's also the only character never to get story time or go to bed first either just because he lives in the ocean.


Iggle Piggle's mother left him at the boat when he was a baby. He loves sleeping on Upsy Daisy's bed because he has a crush on her.


He is a soft light blue humanoid creature, which resembles a stuffed teddy bear. He has small, round, black eyes and has red scales on his head. He always carries his red blanket.

In every episode it always ends with him sleeping in his boat during the end credits.

His song

Iggle Piggle's song is a song about him.


Yes - my name is Igglepiggle,
Igglepiggle, wiggle, niggle, diggle! 
Yes - my name is Igglepiggle,
Igglepiggle, wiggle, niggle, woo!