holy shit this is a nice meme


I`m sorry fellow In The Night Gardens fans but, this website has been heavily vandalized. Due to this, I will have to shut down this wikia page. All my years of hard work, constantly working on this page has gone to a waste. I don`t know why anybody would do this to me. I wrote heavly detailed bios about the In The Night Garden chracters and i`m repayed for my hard work with a barrage of memes. I`m considering taking my own life now. I hope you`re happy with this. I will proceed to buy a katana and shove it up my ass. I have already spoken to many agencys such Beyond Blue and Idian Text Support to try help me with my depression but, they don`t undertand my situation. I try to explain to them why i`m depressed and they tell me that they have more imporant issues to deal with. They then call me a fag and hang up the phone. But, there is something YOU can do to help me. First, subscribe to my Youtube channel, dontate to my Patreon page and finnaly, follow me on social media. If enough people support me, I will be able to buy a loaf of break for the coming up days. Until then, I will be living under a bridge due to my perents calling me a disgrace and kicking me out of the house. Bye. (I have just created this videoo on my youtube channel, please show some support) (My reddit page) (My Patreon page)

- Rian Thompson