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Episodes Season premiere Season finale
100 19 March 2007 16 November 2007
# Title Release
1 "Makka Pakka Washes Faces" March 19, 2007
Makka Pakka starts washing and cleaning up his friends in the Night Garden.
2 "The Tombliboos' Waving Game" March 20, 2007
3 "Everybody All Aboard the Ninky Nonk March 21, 2007
4 "The Prettiest Flower" March 22, 2007
5 "Makka Pakka's Trumpet Makes a Funny Noise" March 23, 2007
6 "The Pontipines in Upsy Daisy's Bed" March 26, 2007
7 "Who's Next on the Pinky Ponk?" March 27, 2007
8 "Igglepiggle's Blanket in Makka Pakka's Ditch" March 28, 2007
9 "The Ninky Nonk Wants a Kiss" March 29, 2007
10 "Too Loud Tombliboos! Nice and Quiet!" March 30, 2007
11 "Makka Pakka Gets Lost" April 2, 2007
12 "Jumping for Everybody" April 3, 2007
13 "Hiding in Flowerpots" April 4, 2007
14 "Pinky Ponk Adventure" April 5, 2007
15 "Tombliboos' Tower of Five" April 6, 2007
16 "Igglepiggle's Mucky Patch" April 9, 2007
17 "Funny Noise Coming from the Pinky Ponk" April 10, 2007
18 "Quiet Please Tombliboos! Upsy Daisy Wants to Sing!" April 11, 2007
19 "Tombliboos Clean Their Teeth" April 12, 2007
20 "IgglePiggle's Blanket Walks About by Itself" April 13, 2007
21 "Pontipine Children in the Tombliboos' Trousers" April 16, 2007
22 "Upsy Daisy's Big Loud Sing Song" April 17, 2007
23 "Playing Hiding with Makka Pakka" April 18, 2007
24 "The Ball" April 19, 2007
25 "Where is the Pinky Ponk Going?" April 20, 2007
26 "Igglepiggle Looks for Upsy Daisy and Follows Her Bed"
27 "Wave to the Wottingers"
28 "Runaway Og-Pog"
29 "Upsy Daisy, Igglepiggle, the Bed & the Ball"
30 "Tombliboo Ooo Drinks Everybody Else's Pinky Ponk Juice"
31 "Looking for Each Other"
32 "High and Low"
33 "The Tombliboos' Busy Day"
34 "The Pontipines on the Ninky Nonk"
35 "The Pontipines Find Igglepiggle's Blanket"
36 "Igglepiggle's Accident"
37 "Upsy Daisy Kisses Everything"
38 "Following"
39 "Look What the Ball Did!"
40 "The Tombliboos Build an Arch"
41 "Makka Pakka's Stone Concert"
42 "Hurry Up Tombliboos!"
43 "Wake Up IgglePiggle!"
44 "Washing the Haahoos"
45 "Where's Upsy Daisy Gone?"
46 "Over and Under"
47 "Upsy Daisy's Tiring Walk"
48 "Makka Pakka's Present"
49 "Igglepiggle Goes Visiting"
50 "Tombliboo Trousers"
51 "Where's Your Uff-Uff, Makka Pakka?"
52 "Dinner in the Ninky Nonk"
53 "Igglepiggle's Tiddle"
54 "Tombliboo Eee Gets Lost"
55 "Shshsh! Upsy Daisy's Having a Rest!"
56 "Slow Down Everybody"
57 "Be Careful Tombliboos!"
58 "Igglepiggle's Noisy Noises"
59 "The Pontipine Children on the Roof"
60 "Upsy Daisy Dances with the Pinky Ponk"
61 "The Tombliboos Swap Trousers"
62 "Kicking the Ball"
63 "Where Are the Tombliboos' Toothbrushes?"
64 "The Pontipines' Picnic"
65 "Upsy Daisy's Funny Bed"
66 "Upsy Daisy's Special Stone"
67 "Makka Pakka's Piles of Three"
68 "Running About"
69 "Trousers on the Ninky Nonk"
70 "Where Are the Wottingers?"
71 "Windy Day in the Garden"
72 "Tombliboo Ooo Brings the Ball Indoors"
73 "What a Funny Ninky Nonk"
74 "Mr Pontipine's Moustache Flies Away"
75 "Make Up Your Mind Upsy Daisy"
76 "Catch the Ninky Nonk, Tombliboos"
77 "Hide-and-Seek"
78 "What Loud Music, Tombliboos!"
79 "Where Can Igglepiggle Have a Rest?"
80 "Waving from the Ninky Nonk"
81 "Where Did Makka Pakka's Sponge Go?"
82 "Ninky Nonk Dinner Swap"
83 "Trubliphone Fun"
84 "Makka Pakka's Circle of Friends"
85 "Long and Ponky Ride on the Pinky Ponk"
86 "Sad and Happy Tombliboos"
87 "Upsy Daisy Dances with the Pontipines"
88 "Mind the Haahoos"
89 "Wake Up Ball"
90 "Upsy Daisy Forgets Her Stone"
91 "Long-Distance Ball Game"
92 "The Wottingers' Hiding Game"
93 "Upsy Daisy Only Wants to Sing"
94 "The Tombliboo's Busy Ninky Nonk Day"
95 "Pinky Ponk and the Ball"
96 "Sneezing"
97 "Ninky Nonk or Pinky Ponk"
98 "Oh Look! It's the Wottingers!"
99 "Upsy Daisy Dances with the Haahoos"
100 "Fall Down Ball"


Season 2 (2008/09) Edit

Ep # Title Description Airdate First to Go to Sleep Dance before bed
56 Slow Down Everybody! (Series 2 Premiere) The Tombliboos are playing their music so fast that everybody does everything very fast. The narrator is finding out who made everyone around the garden move very fast. Tombliboo Eee plays the drum so fast that everyone moves over ten times as fast. Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy waltz dances very fast and Iggle Piggle squeaks quick, Makka Pakka washes his sponges quick, Tombliboo Unn and Ooo plays around the bush quick, and the Haahoos bounces quick. The narrator slows them down but they cannot slow down. Soon, he asks Tombliboo Eee to slow down that everyone does stuff in normal speed so they can dance in the Gazebo. Unfortunelaty, things gets worse when the Sun laughs loud much. 17 March 2008 The Tombliboos Yes
57 Be Careful Tombliboos! Travelling in the Pinky Ponk, the Tombliboos are drinking their Pinky Ponk juice and they played a trading game. The Pinky Ponk crashes into a tree that the Pinky Ponk juice containers messes the Tombliboo's trousers. Eeeew! Luckily after the ride, Makka Pakka took the juice away by using his Uff-Uff to clean the Tombliboo's trousers quickly leading them to the dance. 18 March 2008 The Tombliboos Yes
58 IgglePiggle's Noisy Day Everything in the garden is so noisy that IgglePiggle moves away to find a peaceful place. Upsy Daisy sings in her megaphone very loud, Makka Pakka cleans stones and plays his trumpet, the Tombliboos plays loud music, and the Pontipine children plays the doorbell while the parents called out loud. Upsy Daisy calmed him down that made everyone happy and quiet. Iggle Piggle's heart beats in normal mode and he becomes happy too. 19 March 2008 Upsy Daisy Yes
59 The Pontipine Children on the Roof The Pontipines are riding the Ninky Nonk but Mr and Mrs Pontipine can't find the children. The Pontipine children are on the roof and jump back home so the Pontipine parents found them. 20 March 2008 The Pontipines Yes
60 Upsy Daisy Dances With The Pinky Ponk Upsy Daisy dances with everything and everyone including the Gazebo dance talent. (The dance at the Gazebo is the same as Episode 87 and 99.)

This episode has 3-D graphics.

After Upsy Daisy dances, the alternate version of the dance is playing)

28 March 2008 Upsy Daisy Yes; The Gazebo is in the plot of the episode.
61 The Tombliboos swap Trousers The Tombliboos' trousers get mixed up all over the place. It happened on the Ninky Nonk and Pinky Ponk but they swapped them back in a small bush. 8 September 2008 The Tombliboos No; The Tombliboos brushes their teeth.
62 Kicking the Ball Upsy Daisy is the best at kicking the ball. She shows it to Iggle Piggle and Makka Pakka. 9 September 2008 Upsy Daisy No (the episode), Yes (the background in the end of the episode)
63 Where are the Tombliboos' Toothbrushes? The Pontipine children cannot be found. The Tombliboos' toothbrushes just won't stay put. Later, their problems are solved and they're ready for bedtime. 10 September 2008 The Tombliboos No
64 The Pontipines' Picnic Pontipines are looking for the perfect place to have a picnic. They invite the Wottingers over. They took a very long time to arrive. They go to the picnic by the Ninky Nonk. The Pontipines ate all of their delicious picnic food without the Wottingers. In the end the Wottingers only wanted to wave. 5 September 2008 The Pontipines Yes
65 Upsy Daisy's Funny Bed After waking Upsy Daisy, IgglePiggle goes with her for a walk in the garden. What a smart idea, Upsy Daisy. 12 September 2008 Upsy Daisy Yes
66 Upsy Daisy's Special Stone Upsy Daisy gives her special stone (which Makka Pakka gave her in the episode Makka Pakka's Trumpet Makes a Funny Noise) to Igglepiggle to look after while she goes for a ride on the Ninky Nonk. 15 September 2008 Upsy Daisy No
67 Makka Pakka's Piles of Three Makka Pakka is making piles of stones, but he needs another one to make three piles along with Upsy Daisy. The Tombliboos build three towers of three bricks. 16 September 2008 The Tombliboos No
68 Running About Everybody is running about in the garden so much that Makka Pakka can't wash faces. He then uses his trumpet so the others stopped running that Makka Pakka washes their faces. 17 September 2008 Makka Pakka No
69 Trousers on the Ninky Nonk The Tombliboos forget their trousers and leave them behind on the Ninky Nonk. Makka Pakka gave them back. 18 September 2008 Makka Pakka No
70 Where are the Wottingers The Wottingers are not in the house, where could they be? The Pontipines go looking for them. Later, they found them in the Ninky Nonk house. 19 September 2008 The Pontipines Yes
71 Windy Day in the Garden It is a very windy day and the trees are blowing from side to side. Look out everyone! Iggle Piggle's blanket blows to Upsy Daisy's head so she gave the blanket back to him. The wind blows the Tombliboo's trousers to the roof of the Tombliboo's bush. The Tombliboos played their music but it doesn't help. The Pinky Ponk stops the wind curse by using the propellers to turn the garden to normal and that the Tombliboo's trousers flew to the inside of the Tombliboo bush and they wore it to make it suitable for the dance. 22 September 2008 The Tombliboos Yes
72 Tombliboo Ooo Brings the Ball Indoors The Tombliboos play with the ball indoors until it flies out the window. Makka Pakka catches it and washes their face. 23 September 2008 Makka Pakka Yes
73 What a Funny Ninky Nonk The Tombliboos take a ride on the Ninky Nonk and everybody tries to catch the Ninky Nonk even the teeny tiny Pontipines. Later, the Ninky Nonk stopped so everybody took a ride until bedtime. 24 September 2008 The Tombliboos No; The characters had missed the dance.
74 Mr Pontipine's Moustache Flies Away While eating dinner Mr. Pontipine's moustache flies off and gets stuck to the chimney, bridge and the Gazebo. It then lands on the Pinky Ponk and Mrs. Pontipine is the one who gave Mr. Pontipine his moustache back. This is the first time the Ninky Nonk stops on a tree branch. 25 September 2008 The Pontipines Yes
75 Make Up Your Mind Upsy Daisy Upsy Daisy can't make up her mind whether to sing or play with the ball. The narrator gives Upsy Daisy an idea. She plays with Iggle Piggle and walks with him to the Gazebo for the dance. What a smart choice, Upsy Daisy. 26 September 2008 Upsy Daisy Yes
76 Catch The Ninky Nonk, Tombliboos Makka Pakka takes a ride on the Ninky Nonk. The Tombliboos rode on the Pinky Ponk and decide to join him. 29 September 2008 The Tombliboos No
77 Hide and Seek The Pontipine children hide from the Wottingers and all end up in Upsy Daisy's bed. Upsy Daisy bounces and they're sent back home, defeated. Soon, they are not scared and meets them at their house again. 30 September 2008 The Pontipines No
78 What Loud Music, Tombliboos! The Tombliboos hear Igglepiggle's stones and then they hear Upsy Daisy singing.

Main Description:

IgglePiggle discovers musical stepping stones. The Tombliboos hear IgglePiggle's stones and then they hear Upsy Daisy singing. What lovely music! The Tombliboos go home and play music as well, very loudly!! Makka Pakka needs to use his trumpet through Upsy Daisy's megaphone before the Tombliboos can hear him.

1 October 2008 Makka Pakka No
79 Where Can Igglepiggle Have a Rest? Igglepiggle is trying to find somewhere soft to have a rest. He can't find a place to rest until he found Upsy Daisy's bed. Upsy Daisy gave him the idea where he should rest. 2 October 2008 Upsy Daisy No
80 Waving from the Ninky Nonk The Ninky Nonk travels around the garden and soon everybody gets on board. Iggle Piggle goes alone and waves to Upsy Daisy so they travelled together. Makka Pakka meets along with the Tombliboos waving. The Pontipines rides and then the Wottingers walks to the Ninky Nonk leaving them to wave to each other. For the entire ride after everyone gets on board, they waved and enjoyed the ride.

This is the first time that the Wottingers rode the Ninky Nonk.

3 October 2008 The Pontipines No
81 Where Did Makka Pakka's Sponge Go? Makka Pakka has lost his sponge. He trips over a stone and his sponge flies off into Upsy Daisy's megaphone. Be careful Makka Pakka! Upsy Daisy gave the sponge back to Makka Pakka. 9 February 2009 Upsy Daisy No
82 Ninky Nonk Dinner Swap The Pontipines take their dinner aboard the Ninky Nonk. Because the ride is so bouncy, Mr and Mrs Pontipine's dinners are bounced up in the air and swapped with the children's dinners. 10 February 2009 The Pontipines Yes
83 Trubliphone Fun The Pontipines are out for a walk in the garden and hear lots of noise. They handled their fear for the rest of the walk. 11 February 2009 The Pontipines No
84 Makka Pakka's Circle of Friends Igglepiggle comes across a stone and decides to find Makka Pakka and give it to him. Same thing to the other characters. Makka Pakka is happy about these gifts. 12 February 2009 Makka Pakka No
85 Long and Ponky Ride on the Pinky Ponk Makka Pakka waves to all his friends as they go past in the Pinky Ponk. The Pinky Ponk arrives in the Gazebo late so they dance late. 13 February 2009 The Tombliboos No (The episode), Yes (The format of the Pinky Ponk)
86 Sad and Happy Tombliboos Tombliboo Ooo is building a tower of bricks. Here comes Tombliboo Eee, she spots her favourite brick in Ooo's tower. Be careful Tombliboo Eee – she knocks over Ooo's tower trying to get her brick. Ooo is upset about his tower and starts to play sad music on the Tombliboo piano. Ooo's sad music makes Eee and Unn sad as well so they join in.

The Tombliboo's sad music makes everybody else in the garden sad. Tombliboo Unn decides to start playing the Tombliboo drums. What happy drumming. The Tombliboos begin to play happy music which makes everyone happy again. Iggle Piggle got up, Upsy Daisy woke up, Makka Pakka comes outside and plays his trumpet, and the Pontipines played outside.

16 February 2009 The Tombliboos No
87 Upsy Daisy Dances With the Pontipines Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy dance together before everybody dances at the Gazebo.

This episode has 3-D graphics.

After Upsy Daisy dances, the alternate version of the dance is playing.

17 February 2009 Upsy Daisy Yes; The Gazebo is in the plot of the episode.
88 Mind the Haahoos Mrs. Pontipine spots the Ninky Nonk through her binoculars. The Pontipines hang out with the Wottingers and ride the Ninky Nonk and try not to harm the Haahoos. Then, everybody else rides the Ninky Nonk but not the Tombliboos. 18 February 2009 The Pontipines No
89 Wake Up Ball Igglepiggle takes the ball and everybody chases him through the garden. He throws it to Upsy Daisy so the chasing stops. Peace is happily restored. 19 February 2009 Upsy Daisy Yes
90 Upsy Daisy Forgets Her Stone Everybody takes stones from Makka Pakka's pile of 5 stones. The teeny tiny Pontipines take Makka Pakka's last stone. To make Makka Pakka happy, Upsy Daisy gives one stone back to him. 20 February 2009 Makka Pakka No
91 Long Distance Ball Game Upsy Daisy kicks the ball and it heads straight for the Pontipines house. Iggle Piggle kicks the ball but it hits the Pinky Ponk. Will Makka Pakka make it back to the garden alive? It also hits the Tombliboo bush and the Pontipines' house. Luckily, the Tombliboos are inside and the Wottingers do not appear. Soon, the ball stops and everyone reunites and celebrates at Makka Pakka's ditch. 23 February 2009 Upsy Daisy No
92 The Wottinger's Hiding Game The Pontipines are playing hide and seek with the Wottingers. They can't find them until they come back home. 24 February 2009 The Pontipines Yes
93 Upsy Daisy Only Wants To Sing Upsy Daisy is singing with her megaphone in the garden. Makka Pakka wants to wash Upsy Daisy's face and IgglePiggle wants to play with Upsy Daisy but she won't let them because she is busy. What lovely singing Upsy Daisy ! After her song, Makka Pakka comes back and washes her face and then she plays with IgglePiggle. What a busy day; Upsy Daisy needs a rest and here comes Upsy Daisy's bed. Makka Pakka hears the story after Upsy Daisy goes to bed. 25 February 2009 Upsy Daisy and Makka Pakka No
94 The Tombliboo's Busy Ninky Nonk Day The Tombliboos ride the Ninky Nonk and it stops in a lovely part of the garden. The Ninky Nonk stops in some very lovely parts of the garden, and then the Ninky Nonk stops again. What's that sound? The ball! The Tombliboos chase after the ball. Oh dear, the Ninky Nonk loses its brakes and sets off without the Tombliboos. Catch the Ninky Nonk! Unn, Ooo and Eee try to stop the runaway Ninky Nonk all the way home, and the ball comes to play with the Tombliboos. 26 February 2009 The Tombliboos No
95 Pinky Ponk and the Ball The Pontipines throw the ball at the Pinky Ponk and send everyone sliding from one end to the other. Later, everyone reunites in Makka Pakka's ditch. 27 February 2009 The Pontipines No; The characters had missed the dance, but the Pontipines have did it.
96 What a big Sneeze Makka Pakka / Sneezing Everybody in the garden sneezes. Makka Pakka lets out a big sneeze making his pile of stones and the Pinky Ponk crash into a tree with IgglePiggle and Upsy Daisy riding in it. Will IgglePiggle and Upsy Daisy land alive before they join the dance? Everyone is happy later at Makka Pakka's ditch. 2 March 2009 Makka Pakka Yes
97 Ninky Nonk Or Pinky Ponk The Tombliboos cannot decide whether to ride in the Pinky Ponk or the Ninky Nonk. They choose the Pinky Ponk. Everybody else rode on the Ninky Nonk. When the Pinky Ponk starts moving, the alarm goes off and it goes out of control. The Pinky Ponk crashes into a tree and the Gazebo. What a silly Pinky Ponk ! The Tombliboos are convinced by the narrator that everybody should ride in the Ninky Nonk until it drops them back at their house.

This is the last episode that the Tittifers sing their song after everyone misses the Dance.

3 March 2009 The Tombliboos No; The Pinky Ponk and the Gazebo malfunctioned. (Moved to Episode 58)
98 Oh Look! It's the Wottingers! The Wottingers and the Pontipines look for each other. The Pontipines cannot find the Wottingers at their home. Then the Wottingers cannot find the Pontipines at their home. The Pontipines keep looking for a long time. The Pontipines ride the Ninky Nonk back home to wave and meet the Wottingers again. 4 March 2009 The Pontipines Yes
99 Upsy Daisy Dances With the Haahoos Upsy Daisy is having a Dancy Day in the garden. She dances with the Haahoos. Everybody likes the performance so everybody joins in for the dance. (The dance at the Gazebo is the same as in Episodes 60 and 87.)

This episode has 3-D graphics.

After Upsy Daisy dances, the alternate version of the dance is playing.

5 March 2009 Upsy Daisy Yes; The Gazebo is in the plot of the episode.
100 Fall Down Ball (Series 2 Finale) The Tombliboos ride on the Pinky Ponk for a while around the garden. The ball wants to play with the Tombliboos, but they would rather play with their bricks, build their own arch, and avoid the ball. Suddenly, the ball hits the Tombliboo Bush and their arch is knocked over. They decide that playing with the ball is more fun. They play with the ball and they feel happy. When they are finished, Tombliboo Unn tosses the ball away and everybody dances at the end. 6 March 2009 The Tombliboos Yes

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